What is Colour Me Happy?

Colour Me Happy workshops are designed to empower the kids of today with all the tools they need to understand the exciting connections that exist between mindful movement, nutrition and meditation.

Who Designed This Innovative Program?


Margie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator (VLCE). Prior to becoming a nutritionist and health coach, she worked in the event planning business and ran her own catering company. Also an artist, Margie works with food the way she would with paint. Turning every lesson and meal into an opportunity to create something meaningful and beautiful. She is also a proud mother and resident chef to 4 kids under 13. Margie draws on her lifelong love of healthy and delicious plant based food to create programs for both kids and adults that get them as excited as she is about being as healthy and happy as humanly possible.


Ummul is a yogi and mom to 3 wonderful and active boys and a former marketing executive. Ummul has grown up with yoga and has been actively sharing and teaching yoga to her own kids and within her community since 2010. When her children were young, she guided the family to use Yoga and Mindfulness to cope with a personal family crisis. Reflecting on the positive changes that her family experienced at an emotional and physical level, she embarked on her mission to share the joy of Yoga and Mindfulness with other children and families. She is a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher, who has been teaching yoga to families and kids at public and private schools, libraries, parenting centre’s and at her local yoga studio.

The yoga workshops are inspired by Young Yoga Masters Children’s Yoga curriculum. Young Yoga Masters is a Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS). The Mindfulness programming is inspired by Mind Up Curriculum.

For more information about Ummul please click here. My blog is at www.BlossomYogaKids.com


Colour Me Happy is designed around the seven energy centres of our bodies, each of which has unique characteristics and connections to our physical and mental well-being that map beautifully to Ontario’s ‘Well Being Strategy for Education’. Through creative exercises we will explore each of the seven energy centres individually.

What part of the curriculum does a Colour Me Happy workshop cover?

Specific curriculum topics organically surface within each of the seven energy centres unique characteristic pools:

  • Self esteem
  • Communication, effective ways to speak your truth and find your authentic voice
  • Relationships, emotions and coping strategies to both recognize and breathe through difficult situations
  • The ability to visualize and “look within” for answers, think critically and creatively and be flexible
  • The value of healthy food, sleep, physical exercise and healthy life choices
  • How to exude a dynamic presence and be true to your roots and identity
  • The importance of self-awareness and all that comes with it including collaboration and belonging
  • Development of balance and grounding our minds and bodies

In other words, the four domains of Ontario’s well-being strategy for education will be covered in multiple ways using several overlapping strategies. The CMH curriculum also encompasses character education.

Is this program school wide or grade specific?

We are currently focusing on elementary grades. We tailor the workshops to meet the developmental needs of students from grades 1-5.

How will food be incorporated?

Each energy centre has a colour and food association. Each session will include a fruit or vegetable tasting and the relevant information as to why it has been included. Weaving in the importance of healthy food choices and how food affects your mood and energy is a pillar of the program.

What does a Colour Me Happy Workshop cover?

  • Creative Breath Work

    Soothing and calming the nervous system through various breathing exercises and visualizations.

  • Mindful Physical Literacy

    Development of balance, gross motor skills, co-ordination and awareness of how to move bodies mindfully and with purpose through various yoga poses.

  • Emotional Literacy

    Decreased reactivity to frustrating situations and leading to improved self-regulation skills.

  • Team Work

    Integration of yoga games with an underlying character development message to engage students while fostering a sense of community and inclusiveness.

  • Mindful Eating

    Developing an early understanding of the mind body connections between food, mood, sleep and energy helps set kids up for lifelong health and happiness. Through fun and creative exercises the students will learn the importance and power that comes from the understanding that everything we consume (not just food or drink) has either a positive or negative effect on our minds, bodies and spirits.

  • Affirmations

    Integration of positive statements and using the power or words and thoughts to navigate through challenging situations.

  • Meditation

    Taking time to pause, tune in, breathe and rejuvenate.

If our school has a very specific climate goal, can this program be customized to speak directly to it?

Absolutely it can.

How do I book this exciting program for my school/organization?

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